Mi Casa Coffee Company, in conjunction with Blue Bean Roaster, offers a bespoke, hot beverage solution for any event, small or large.We are an eco-friendly company using only biodegradable coffee solutions allowing you to feel good about choosing us to cater your event. From plant-based straws to biodegradable coffee cups, we strive to reduce both our and your eco footprint.  

  • For events and functions catering less than 50 patrons, we provide a Bean-to-Cup machine*. These machines take fresh coffee beans and grind them into the perfect cup every time. Available drinks include: Cappuccino, espresso, Café Late, American, hot water and foamed milk dispenser. All consumables are also provided including coffee, cups, lids, sugar/sweetener, tea, hot chocolate powder and other misc. items needed. 

  • For events and functions catering for more than 50 patrons, we provide an espresso machine, grinder, trained barista, and all consumables for requested beverages.

  • For events catering 75 patrons and above we offer our in-house coffee trailer equipped with espresso machine, barista, all hot beverages, consumables, and additional milkshake bar. 


* We can arrange an espresso machine and barista for small parties, but additional costs may be charged. Custom branding and Kosher options are available upon request as well as Blue Bean’s home-made Nitro Cold Brew. 




We provide a full offering of coffee products and services, custom to any business. This includes machines, coffee, consumables and baristas when needed. Consumables include but are not limited to cups, lids, stirrers as well as a variety of snacks, food and soft drinks.

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